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Six Czechs and six participants from six different countries are getting ready for the next International English Webinar. The main topic is „Leadership in Crisis“.  The webinar´s facilitator is a former prison governor from Lower Saxony Rüdiger Wohlgemuth.


There were over 20 applicants from abroad but to make the online interaction effective, only six could be accepted. The professionals who want to practice their communication skills in English, and to share their ideas and experience with the six Czech professionals, represent the prison systems of Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia.


They all have individually tested their Skype for Business  connection successfully. At the same time they proved their communication skill levels are adequate for discussion. They have sent their BIOs to the facilitator in order to save the time they would need to introduce  themselves to other participants during the webinar. The facilitator has asked all participants to fulfil a few pre-tasks before the webinar.


The programme is divided into four blocks:

  • The facilitator´s input
  • The participants´ prepared statements on the philosophy of leadership
  • The participants´ contributions focused on their individual experience with leadership in crisis
  • Discussion

The Czech Prison Service Academy is planning to organize a few more webinars by the end of 2021.

The facilitators will be foreign experts in the field of management, professional communication or psychology.

Professionals interesting in participation are asked to contact Iva Prudlová on: iprudlova@avs.justice.cz

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