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ZOP students - theory


ZOP is an abbreviation formed from initial letters of “Základní odborná příprava”, which can be translated as Initial Training. It is a compulsory programme for all new prison staff or cadets.  

Those who apply for a position such as Psychologist, Social Worker or Educator, attend “ZOP B2” course. It is designed to prepare specialists for all aspects of their work, especially for communication with prisoners. 

“ZOP A”  is a course designed for uniformed staff. They attend theoretical lessons and practical training to become guards or prison security officers. Some can also be assigned with tasks like transferring prisoners (escorts) or handling dogs (K-9 units). You may not know that also Judicial Guards you see in the buildings of courts or the Ministry of Justice are prison service officers.  

Medical staff and support staff spend a week of training in “ZOP B3” and ZOP B1” respectively. 

To sum it up, all prison staff members have once attended our “ZOP” courses.