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Simulation Cell


Our Simulation Cell  has been in use since 2000. Its last reconstruction took place in 2016. 

The specialized classroom serves for new uniformed staff practical training. It  is divided into two parts – a training part (a cell with standard prison equipment) and a part for the students observing.  students practise techniques, routines and communication with prisoners. They learn about different aspects of security measures in cell-related situations in practice.  They train safe cell entering, intervention strategies using proper means of restraint in a cell and all kinds of searches that can be applied in the cell settings.  Appropriate communication including application of negotiation basics is required when the students are disposed to various simulated stress situations. 

The specialized classroom is also used as a demonstration room for new civilian staff (penitentiary specialists and health care professionals). They learn about the cell living space and about tasks the uniformed staff have to perform in the cell.  

In the near future, a new building with a number of simulation cells will be opened. We hope to have better conditions for our students´  training.