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Large PC Classroom


Empty buildings can be creepy. Let´s get inside the Academy without students and find out how it feels.  

If we had a guide like in a castle, s/he may say: Welcome to the Academy. We boast with our own flag and own logo. All visitors have to be registered at the desk. Please, present your ID. We are not in a prison facility, so you can keep your mobile phones and cameras with you.  

We are in the middle circular part that connects two two-floor wings.  There is a little canteen and a winter garden. Have a look in our modern auditorium with 90 seats.  

Follow me, please. We are entering Wing A now. On the ground floor, there are changing rooms for students, a few offices and a service vehicles garage. Here is a simulation cell and a simulation entrance to guarded areas. The first floor is reserved for theoretical lessons including PC classes. There is also Pedagogy Department Quarters. On the top floor, you can find a library and a permanent exhibition of illegal items confiscated from prisoners in Czech prisons. There are also most of the teachers´ offices.  

The top circular part is occupied by Logistics Department. There is also a large PC classroom. Sorry, it is like a labyrinth here. We have to go down to the multifunctional room. The Academy management offices are in the very heart of the centre.  

The tour continues on the second floor of Wing B. An attic room with an attached kitchenette is used for specialized courses and for informal meetings of the Academy staff. Examinations take place in two little classrooms. Let´s get down to the first floor. There are two language classrooms, some classrooms for theoretical lessons and Financial Department offices. One more staircase and we find ourselves on the ground floor. DO-JO serves for self-defence training. Next to DO-JO, there is a body building room, changing rooms and showers. The last room you can look in is designed for gun manipulation training. 

We are back in the entrance hall. I am ready to answer your questions now.  
The guide would say good bye to you now. 

Such a tour may take over half an hour. However, you would be absolutely exhausted. So, we invite you to visit a few interesting parts of the Academy in detail. Read our articles that will follow.  
We are looking forward to your comments.