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A series of international English Webinars was launched in March 2021. Webinars replaced traditional seminars of penitentiary English organized at the Czech Prison Service Academy in the reaction on the pandemic restrictions.

On 2nd June, twelve prison professionals from seven countries participated in a webinar focused on leadership in a crisis. Six participants represented the Czech Prison Service; the other ones were from Estonia, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Lower Saxony and Slovakia. The facilitator was a former prison governor from Lower Saxony, Rüdiger Wohlgemuth.

Before the webinar, each participant had been asked to send their BIOs and to prepare two oral contributions. One was a philosophical statement on leadership while the other was related to their individual experience with leadership during the pandemic. A short discussion followed. Written feedback from the participants is expected soon and will be published at the EPTA website.

The Czech Prison Service Academy is already preparing three webinars that are going to be held in the autumn of 2021.

To ensure international exchange of information and good practices, professional English language training to selected prison staff categories, such as governors or treatment specialists, is essential. General language schools and universities do not cover penitentiary English which is indispensable for international meetings and conferences. It is the role of academies to provide language training for penitentiary purposes and practice.

The Czech Prison Service Academy as the initiator and organizer of this innovative programme would like to encourage EPTA members to get involved in any of the following roles: organizer/co-organizer; facilitator/lecturer; teacher/consultant of English language; moderator; technical supporter/advisor; or webinar manager.

Applications for the following webinars are welcome. Information about the specific requirements and all instructions will be sent to the individual applicants.

Contact person: Iva Prudlová, email: iprudlova@avs.justice.cz