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PRAGUE, 11. November (VSCR) - over 7.500 officers and employees on duty today, commemorated international Veterans' Day by wearing the symbolic red poppy on their uniforms.

"I don't just see 11 November as a date on the calendar. For me, as a former soldier and a participant in several foreign missions, Veterans' Day is a rare opportunity to commemorate the memory of heroic war veterans of all historical military conflicts, as well as to pay tribute to all modern veterans," said Rudolf Máša, 1st deputy director of Odolov Prison. Mr. Máša is one of several war veterans serving at the Czech Prison Service. "However, November 11 is not only an opportunity to show respect to all brave soldiers but also to remember my fellow soldiers and friends who will never return to their loved ones. Together with my current colleagues, we are commemorating the legacy of real heroes today, and I am very pleased that the Prison Service of the Czech Republic is not indifferent to the War Veterans Day," he added.


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