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The Prison Service of the Czech Republic is a member or active participant within several international organizations. The Czech Prison Service even was at the founding of some forms of international cooperation within the smaller Central-European area. 

  • Council of Europe - as a member state of the Council of Europe, the Prison Service of the Czech Republic is bound to follow the penitentiary standards, rules, and principal ideas of the organization. The CPT (European Committee for the Prevention of Torture) regularly visits prison facilities of the Council of Europe member states and publishes its findings online. The Czech Prison Service has been actively participating at the CDPPS (Council of Europe Conference of Directors of Prison and Probation Services) and at the PC-CP (Plenary meetings of the Council for Penological Co-operation). Annually, the Czech Prison Service submits data for the SPACE I statistical yearbook.
  • EuroPris - The European Organisation of Prison and Correctional Services (EuroPris) is a non-political, non-governmental organisation founded in 2011. The initiative to establish EuroPris was taken during the Swedish EU Presidency in 2009 and was brought forward by the European countries of the International Roundtable for Correctional Excellence. Through its "Expert Groups", EuroPris provides a platform for professional meetings of its member organizations' experts. EuroPris is one of the advisory bodies to the European Commission on penitentiary issues. Through EuroPris, the members have a stronger stance in voicing their professional views and suggestion for legal improvements and/or amendments of the European level legislation.  
  • MECR - Middle European Correctional Services Roundtable is a platform dedicated to sharing information and best practice among the heads of member prison services. Once a year, the Director Generals meet in one of the member states and discuss the current development within their service, letting the others know about their domestic professional challenges and the answers to them. The Prison Service of the Czech Republic was one of the founding organizations of MECR.
  • V4 - the so-called Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) closely cooperates also in the penitentiary field. Usually once a year, the heads of services meet in one of the aforementioned countries and discuss the current problems, challenges and successes. Thanks to the geographical and historical similarities, the challenges and the subsequent responses are often transferable.