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PRAGUE, 1 November (VS ČR) - for the first time, the Czech Prison Service joins the Red Poppy 2021 (Vlčí mák 2021) event. The Red Poppy 2021 is organized by Regi Base I. Foundation. The Foundation supports war veterans and injured or disabled members of law-enforcement agencies. Veterans' day is being traditionally held on 11 November, commemorating the end of WW 1.

Today, the founder of Regi Base I. handed over a symbolic cheque for 10.000 red poppies to Director General of the Czech Prison Service. Over the next few days, these red poppies will be distributed among thousands of the prison service staff members to be worn on 11 November and thus support Veterans' Day.

You can find more information about the "Vlčí mák 2021" event on www.vlcimak.cz


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