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PRAGUE, 28 June (VSČR) - On Tuesday, 21 June 2022, a local park in Prague-Řepy filled with hundreds of Yellow Ribbon Run participants. The venue hosted the 7. Czech Yellow Ribbon Run - an event aimed at fighting prejudice against ex-offenders. The YRR also helps to raise public awareness about the importance of inmates' reintegration back into society.

The 7. year of the Czech YRR was dedicated to the often forgotten victims of crimes - offenders' children. Altogether 700 hundred people supported the YRR 2022 by either running the main track (relay teams of four people, 16km in total)  or completing the individual virtual run (2k or 4k options). There were roughly 160 prison service staff attending the main event in Prague and 290 prisoners completing the virtual run within the prison walls. 

We are honoured, that 20 colleagues from Singapore Prison Service - Singapore being a cradle for the YRR - participated in the virtual run!