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PRAGUE, 2 December (VS CR) - The second online meeting of Czech and Ukrainian penitentiary experts was held under the auspices of the Czech Ministry of Justice on 30 November 2021. Exchange of information, experience, and good practice was initiated by Ukraine one year ago.

The first online meeting was held in January this year. The Prison Service of the Czech Republic presented the basic areas of its activities. Throughout the year, the Czech Prison Service provided Ukrainian partners with a number of legislative documents and answered a wide range of questions electronically.

At Tuesday's online meeting, representatives of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic presented the topic of accommodation facilities and legislative requirements in this area, including the separation of different prisoners categories. The Ukrainian colleagues were given a detailed presentation of the system of basic training of officers and civil servants of the Czech Prison Service.

In the subsequent discussion, the Ukrainian experts were interested in the possibilities of using the Internet by prisoners, the performance of spiritual service in Czech prisons, the way of cooperation between the Probation and Mediation Service and prisoners, and the specialised training of prison staff, including management.