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STRÁŽ POD RALSKEM, 26 October (VS ČR) - Czech Prison Service Academy officially opened its new training and educational centre for practical training of new recruits. The facility, originally built as a kindergarten, has been reconstructed and refurbished to the needs of the prison service. The building has been fully serving its new purpose since the beginning of October.

There are altogether 10 new rooms that serve for practical and model situations training, such as handcuffing a prisoner, performing personal security search,  entering a secured area or practicing self-defense or first-aid. The largest of rooms is multipurpose. It can be used either as a model courtroom for practicing inmate escort or pacifying an aggressive person; or as a lecture theatre. Training rooms are equipped with CCTVs which allows for live streaming of training to other students while recordings can be used for subsequent analysis of good and bad practices. 

The Academy can also boast a new indoor shooting range with eight firing lanes (six 25m distance and two 50m distance). 


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